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Clients and Markets

Our core experience is in the three markets listed below.  We do however seek and support clients world-wide that wish to enter into the North American market.


Core Client Group

While much of our experience was acquired in large-scale, international high-tech sectors, a group of clients we still support with great success, we now focus our efforts on serving Small and Medium Enterprises (SEMs) where we see our broad and diversified experience best and most effectively applied.



Our offices are located in the Montreal area from where serve Canadian, US and overseas clients.  Montreal offers a diversified and complete business environment and serves as an excellent traffic hub to access North American and international destinations.



We offer our clients over 25 years in direct US market experience, predominantly in the public transit and defense markets. We direct our focus at small to medium-size businesses that are either located in the US or foreign organizations that wish to do business in this market.

Latin American Nations

Latin AmericaLatin America

Having pursued and successfully closed business ventures in both the Public Transit and Retail - People and Passenger Counting domains, we can rely on an extensive, domain specific network of business partners in these complex and diversified markets.  



In addition to the North American experience discussed above, we also combine over 10 years direct work exposure in the European defense and aerospace markets. This enables us to operate efficiently in both markets as we fully recognize and understand the differences in the conduct of business and the respective work-methods and processes that apply. 
We offer European and other off-shore clients three service products that enable them to gradually enter the Canadian or US technology markets and do so efficiently and at low risk.